Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey look, a creeping kid!

Creeping back in from a little absence.  Work has calmed down for a few weeks, we're barreling to a close for the season (although it looks as if I'll be working a few weeks longer than originally planned, which is fine), I'm working (and not working) on some crafty things, and I've gone full-on Paleo.


I know.  I've become one of those ridiculous girls who has to do all the same things her boyfriend does.  Horrible.  Disgusting.  I'm an independent woman, right?  Well, yes.  I am.  Which means I have the right to do whatever I want.  If he asks me if I want to run a half-marathon (which he did ask, a couple months after we met), and I want to try it (which I did), that's cool.  He has never once pushed me into anything.  And as it happens, even this die-hard "NOT AN ATHLETE" really, really likes running once it becomes a habit.  My ankle is still effed, which means I haven't been running since you last heard of me, but the difference is that I want  to be running.  And since he's gone Paleo and had such mind-blowing results (at 36, he weighs the least he's weighed in his adult life, and he just keeps running faster and faster), I've been curious to try.  So I took the plunge a couple weeks ago, and it's been basically amazing.

It helps that I've kind of been easing into it for the last few months.  Since Jason and I live together, any meal I've eaten at home has more-or-less fit the Paleo/Primal profile.  No grains, no legumes, no (or very, very little) dairy, and no refined sugars.  Once you kind of change the way you think about food and what constitutes a "meal," it's not hard.  You do have to go grocery shopping on a regular basis (and by that I mean "three times a week"), but that's not a hardship once you start seeing the results of an improved diet.  And you have to cook.  You just do.  If you don't know your way around the kitchen, believe me, you will learn, and quickly.

So!  In two weeks (or three?  I can't remember when I jumped in all the way) I've lost ten pounds, and I'm very close to being the lightest I've been in my adult life (I sense a theme here).  My belly is noticeably flatter.  I sleep better.  My skin is better (it wasn't bad to begin with, but it's not as dry).  I don't get the shakes when I get hungry anymore.  In fact, I don't get as hungry as I used to.  It seems like a normal-sized meal is more satisfying than it used to be.  And it occurred to me, my weather-induced headaches seem to be less frequent, and less severe when they do happen.  Dunno how that relates to diet, but it does seem like there may be a connection.

And any diet that gives you leave to eat meat at every meal?  YES PLEASE.