Friday, December 31, 2010

My Blog That Doesn't Exist

I have been saying it for months--I'm going to start a blog.  It's even become kind of a joke around here.  "Oh, I'm going to write about that on my blog that doesn't exist."  Well guess what, I've got an actual-existent blog now.  I haven't written regularly in some undetermined number of years, and I kind of miss it.

What makes me think I've got anything to write that is worth other people reading?  I'm not really sure.  I like to think I can construct a killer sentence, but then I also think I look kind of badass when I run, so I am not to be trusted.  (There is a very, very good reason why I avoid reflective surfaces when I'm out there lumbering along at my eleven-minute-per-mile pace.)  I'm observant of the world around me, and I like to share those observations.  Like the neighbor kids who I recently saw beating a knocked-over snowman with a shovel and a sledgehammer.  I did not understand it but boy, was it entertaining.

So.  Knit - Stitch - Run.  It's quite simple, really.  I knit.  I stitch.  I run.  However, I am a woman of many activities, and I am defined by none of them (at eleven minutes per mile, I should damn well hope I am not defined by my running).  In no particular order, here follows a selection of convenient bullet-points lists of Things About Me:

I am:
  • Thirty.  I just turned thirty last month, and I am really okay with it.  Really.  No, REALLY.  (No, really.)
  • In love.  I live with my boyfriend, who for blogging purposes shall be called "Jason" because, well, that's his name. 
  • Usually hungry.  More than once I have motivated myself to run by promising myself a cheeseburger and/or a beer afterward.
I have:
  • A Garmin 110, which Jason gave me for Christmas this year.  It is quite possibly going to be the death of me.  Or it will transform my running.  Maybe both.  I've used it twice since Christmas and I love it, I really do.  It's just going to kill me, that's all.
  • A cat with three (and a half) legs.  Oh, and she also has allergies.  So she hops around the house, waving her stump and sneezing on everything.  It's so gross it's adorable.
  • A Corgi.  She's really Jason's Corgi, but seeing as how we all live together and share household duties I don't feel bad saying she's part mine.  She has all of her legs and does not sneeze.  
I like:
  • Running (most of the time).
  • Eating. 
  • Crafting, specifically knitting, sewing (clothes, mostly), quilting, embroidery, and the occasional foray into beadwork.
  • Board games.  Jason and I bonded over Scrabble, after I bragged that he wouldn't be able to beat me and it then took me about three months to win a game (I grossly underestimated him).
  • Parentheses.  (In case you hadn't noticed.  I even kind of talk in parentheses.)
  • Movie and TV quotes.  I like to work them into my daily conversation and see if anyone notices.
I do not like:
  • Mushrooms or seafood.  I'm not especially picky, but those two items are not options.  End of story.  (YES, THAT INCLUDES SHRIMP. If I had a nickel for every time I answered that question, I would have a LOT of nickels.)
  • Talking about theatre.  I work in a fairly well-known regional theatre, and I have been involved in the performing arts since I was 14.  I like my job (most of the time), and I will happily talk about the day-to-day goings-on around the place because let's face it, there is some seriously rich blog-fodder there.  But just talking about theatre, "theee-ah-taaaaah," is almost as interesting to me as a full-length movie version of Alf (which is to say, Not Very Interesting At All.)
(As a side note, while I was sitting here trying to think of a Very Boring Thing with which to make my point, I thought of a stop-animation version of Maximum Overdrive, and THAT, my friends, would be AMAZING.)

I could go on and on with the bullet points.  I Want.  I Need.  I Used To.  I Would Like To.  But I don't want to blow my wad all at once.  So if you've stuck with me to here... next time I'll just jump in and write.  Knitting... stitching... running... or eating, or people-watching, or wacky workplace shenanigans.  Who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear!